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The continuing computer saga

So, Bryan-my-minion asked me today about the specs of the computers I ordered. I logged into the site to print out the specs, and discovered that there was a note on the order that my credit card was declined! I was Not Best Pleased. I immediately tried calling them, and then after waiting on hold for a while, hung up and called my other credit card company to set up the information with them, so I could give the alternate card.

Then I got back on with the computer company, and actually got through to the guy I needed to talk to - also named Bryan. He told me that the address had been verified, so I should stick with the same credit card, but that they said they needed to speak with me to verify the charge. Now, you may recall that I spoke with them on Sunday and on Monday. Both times I told them the amount and type of purchase and asked them to note it so it would go through. I was now Even Less Pleased.

So, I called the first credit card company, again. And, while I felt badly about it, I expressed my Extreme Displeasure to the customer service rep. She checked the account. She verified that my account already indicated that I would be making that charge - and that it had been held up anyway. She apologized profusely, took the hold off, and told me it would go through correctly.

I called back Computer Bryan, who had me wait on hold while he put the charge through again. This time it worked, finally.

Really, I'm glad that the computer company verifies shipping addresses. I'm glad that the credit card company flags large purchases, especially from computer companies. Both of those things are for my protection against identity theft, and I'm pleased that I am protected. I am, however, very annoyed that when I take the appropriate actions to let my own purchases go through, the idiot credit card customer service people can't get it right!


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Feb. 6th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
I did warn you they aren't the most speedy or service oriented company, right? So what did you wind up getting?
Feb. 6th, 2009 04:17 am (UTC)
You warned me, and they've been fine so far - the problem isn't with them. Also, I didn't even remember it, but my boss's sons have been ordering from them for a year or so as well.

Remind me tomorrow and I'll email the specs.
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