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More bitching about weight and clothing

Losing weight is nifty, no question. I'm on track right now to hit 10% next Monday (which is about halfway to my goal).

The frustrating part is the wardrobe problem. Y'see, I had spent a fair amount of time, energy, and certainly money over the last couple of years, to not only make sure I had a full collection of professional clothing that fit and looked decent, but also to buy things that were more formal, or less, and even to update my casual wardrobe beyond just Medfest t-shirts and the like.

Now, everything I own is two sizes too large. Even the two pairs of pants I bought a month ago are already starting to look baggy. I thought I was only down one size, but I just ordered a couple of basic skirts to replace ones that are becoming challenging to keep on, and at two sizes smaller, they're a little loose (which, admittedly, the larger ones were at my top weight). I also grabbed a blouse one size smaller, and it looks like I could have gone two sizes there as well.

This is going to be a very expensive year.

I have no idea what I will wear to my brother's wedding. I know nothing I have now will fit. I would be shopping for it, but I don't know what size I'll be in another two months.

I think the most frustrating thing, though, is that between wearing all the same clothes, baggy as they are, and this being layer season, no one can even tell. I could really use a little positive feedback, y'know? I know that I could post up charts and numbers and get encouragement every week, but that seems forced, like begging for praise. I don't want cheerleaders. I just want someone to notice and spontaneously tell me I look good, without being prompted. (Which obviously rules out anyone who reads this.) And while I'm still in the too-large clothing, I really don't think anyone will, even the people who don't see me often and aren't used to the gradual change.

I could just buy more clothing in the smaller size, but I'm still planning to lose enough more to go down at least another full size, maybe even two. So I don't want to put a lot of money into an interim wardrobe - just enough to stay decent. I can't afford to indulge my vanity much.


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Feb. 17th, 2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
I realize we are different shapes, but I tend to invest in stretchy sweater tops and slacks with belt loops at about hipbone level. The sweatery tops are professional enough to wear to work and fit at a variety of sizes (you can wear them over cheap undershirts for added warmth and smoothness) and the slacks with that rise look fine belted or not as your weight adjusts.

I like these: http://www.igigi.com/shop/index.cfm/fuseaction/product.display/product_id/670 and it is okay if the cuffs hit a little high because as you lose weight they'll get longer.

I seem to remember you generally don't wear sleeveless things, but for your brother's wedding, I would suggest something drapey like these: http://www.jjill.com/jjillonline/product/itempage.aspx? http://www.jjill.com/jjillonline/product/itempage.aspx?item=D430986&h=M&sk=Witem=H109888&BID=S200904809165088C7DC7F797F4CF4B73B8B&h=M&sk=W&pfid=31 or honestly, maybe even with adjustable straps and maybe a little tie in back. You could bring a pretty shawl or buy a fitted bolero closer to the day depending on weather and findability, too.
Feb. 17th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
if you keep going it sounds like you're going, i'm sure i'll entirely unprovoked by this post say something when i next see you, since that'l be more than a month from now and i can't imagine i'll remember this post.

when i was losing weight (part of which i regained thanks to my completely stalled workout system from june through december) i actually had someone stop me at church and ask if i was losing weight. then she asked quietly, "on purpose??" she apparently feared i was losing weight cuz i was sick. umm, no. but that was the coolest comment, in an odd way. now i need to get there again.
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