January 27th, 2010

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So, daernhelm and I were discussing Waiting for Godot this morning, and the conversation went left, and we contemplated a crossover with Cats. It wouldn't quite work out.

But what is the cast of Cats doing these days? Hamlet? Try singing Hamlet's soliloquy to the tune of Memory - you'll get farther than you want to before it breaks down. (Yes, I tried.)

Jeff vetoes Cats on a Hot Tin Roof, saying Tennessee Williams is too easy. But he thinks the whole idea sounds like a sketch out of Whose Line Is It Anyway?:

"Can't you see them sitting there saying things like, 'And Colin who could forget the joys when we saw Rum Tum Tiger on the Orient Express?'"

That one scans too, by the way.

And as I write this, I now have this nagging feeling I may even have seen someone perform a comedy sketch along these lines. Does anyone remember something like this? And if not, any further suggestions?