January 16th, 2013

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Here's me

Around this time of year (around two weeks ago, actually) I usually write a year-in-review post. It helps me see patterns when I go back looking at who I've been.

This year, I'm not caught up to November yet. And really, that pretty much sums it up. I spent most of 2012 about three months behind where I should have been, one way or another. Job plus move plus relationship plus Philcon... A lot happened quickly, and I've been either too busy or too exhausted to put thoughts in order.

The weather has been kicking my ass this fall and winter. At this point, I can pretty much tell you what the weather's like any given morning before I even get out of bed. Even though I've got blackout curtains up. Naturally, it didn't occur to me until the day AFTER my doctor's appointment that perhaps it's time to try another round of "your blood work is perfectly normal." So that'll be a thing to remember this summer. Other than the pain problem, though, my health's in decent shape. Well, and I need to lose weight.

As for my head, things are going pretty well there overall. It's amazing how good a stable relationship can be for happiness and positive outlook. And for combatting lousy self-esteem. So are the days (and today was one) when I am reminded that I am VERY good at the work I do.

There are, of course, many things left undone. I owe emails and visits and so much. And there are things I'm not proud of, and some I regret. And that's just 2012. But, you know, it was such an awful year for so many people I know. I've been damn lucky.

And I hope 2013 is better. For everyone.

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