Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Well, that was a DAY!

So, here's the other place where LJ has it all over FB: the end of the day when none of the quick blurbs got posted but they're all still rattling around in my head.

My boss's mother-in-law died this morning. This was not unexpected; she's been ill for a long time and it must have been a month or so since she was sent home from the hospital because they couldn't do anything more. It was a mercy, for her and for the family. Still, that left him all scattered all day long, and we're trying to reschedule around the trip that doesn't yet have firm plans. Uncharitably, my first thought was that I'm thankful she didn't hang on long enough to screw up Christmas. I'm trying to convince myself that I was being practical, not evil.

After work, John and I went on a shopping trip. I replaced my digital camera, so I can now:

A) Attempt to take a self-portrait that doesn't suck.
B) Go crazy getting all the pictures I want of my godson.
C) Terrorize my friends' cats.
D) All of the above, plus more!

However, I didn't get around to taking it out of the box, because I got all wrapped up in the Great Mattress Swap of 2009. We swapped his mattress and mine. He got my old beat-up soggy flattened ten-year-old mattress. I got his nice, firm, tall, barely-used mattress of unknown age. Both of us are delighted. There are so many advantages to having a roommate whose tastes are entirely unlike my own.

The moon is amazing tonight. When I put the trash out, half the driveway was illuminated and shining like a silvery ribbon, and the other half was in deep shadow. It was quite spectacular - and also quite cold, so I didn't stay to admire it long.

I was about to get in the shower, when suddenly the toilet overflowed. It was the tank, not the bowl, for which I am very grateful. Darned if I know what happened. It's one of the water-saving European-style toilets with a big plastic jug and half the mechanisms are hidden, which makes it a challenge to diagnose and repair. I've replaced the insides of a toilet tank on several occasions, but there's not a thing I can do about this one except call first the landlady and then the plumber. Flushing it again appears to have stopped the problem, but I don't have a lot of faith in that(I've been getting up every few minutes to make sure it's not doing it again). Besides, it's been dripping (internally) for months.

Also: I did something I probably should not have done, and am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm more worried that it might not drop at all. *sigh* I have not answered at least two emails that I really needed to get back to right away. I did, however, remember to check the date on my ticket for the Capitol Steps, so now I know it's Thursday.

And now I will go try again for a shower, since the toilet appears to be behaving. Late night tonight.

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