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Making plans

In 2010:

There will be a spring zoo trip.

There will be a fall (or maybe late summer) renfaire trip.

I did neither of those things in 2009, and I can't remember about 2008. It's time to do it again. I'm seriously considering picking weekends next time I look at my calendar and starting to organize people now.

Also, I would really like to get people to come to Medfest, as long as the weather is decent. This year's turnout of alumni over 30 was kind of pathetic. I want the current students to be able to see that their organization has a history older than they are. I'm sure we'll be doing a big push for the 25th in 2011, but why not go two years in a row? Besides, I live right across the street, and undoubtedly we'll be doing an after-party for our friends again.

Plan ahead to give me your time! And remind me if I don't start making actual plans at the appropriate points!

Oh, and I'm told that the Camden Aquarium is good, and I haven't been there. How about that as a summer trip?

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