Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

CFV2003 - Day 7 (Thursday 6/26)

The short version: Lazy ship day, more scenery, packing and tipping

The ship docked this morning in Valdez, the southern terminus of the oil pipeline. However, unless you want to look at the pipeline, there's not much to do in Valdez. Jeff and I chose to take books up on deck and relax by the pool. It wasn't quite like it would have been on a Caribbean trip, of course.

We went shopping in the ship's mall after lunch, for some gifts and some personal items. I bought a Stud Puffin T-shirt for my brother. Then we both went to the talk about disembarkation, just so we'd know what to expect. It was kind of disappointing to see that we had to be ready to get off the boat at 6:15 AM.

We passed through College Fjord mid-afternoon. There are several dozen glaciers in this fjord; one side is named after men's colleges and one side after women's colleges. Supposedly they are the names of colleges that sent expeditions up to explore. Of course the scenery was beautiful, but after the Hubbard the day before, the glaciers just weren't that impressive.

I went to look at the pictures we'd posed for the day before, but they hadn't printed a set for some reason. I requested one so I could look at it and decide about buying it. However, when I went back later, the lines were so long I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. We could always do a formal sitting at Sears or somewhere back home. (Hindsight says that was a good choice, as it turns out.)

This was the evening of tips: cruises give recommended tips for people in the various service positions. We overtipped our waiters quite a bit, since we'd been quite pleased, but we undertipped the assistant maitre d', who really hadn't done much for us. Andrew and Sara didn't give him anything at all. I feel that it makes more of a point to tip low, though, because it makes it clear you didn't just forget!

We spent most of the evening packing, then did a final round of the ship to make sure we'd taken care of everything we wanted to do. We went back to find Rosalia, the bar waitress who served the Rendezvous lounge and the dining room, because she'd given us exceptional service and we wanted to give her something even though hers wasn't a position customarily tipped. Then I went to bed early, after putting the bags out in the hall.
Tags: vacation

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