Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Now that the Dear Friends project is FINALLY over, in the new year I'm going to start work on some other writing projects I've had waiting. Coming attractions:

Senses. This will have more than five possibilities, I assure you. One probable candidate: Sense of Humor.

A Paralegal's View of Legal Matters. Tentative title - I'm still working on it. This series will be friendslocked, because of the necessary disclaimers. Because so many of my friends work in technology in some way, I spend a lot of time feeling stupid as I try to understand conversations way over my head. I tend to forget that I have a set of specialized knowledge of my own, both deep and broad, where I'm the expert. My work just doesn't get discussed that often, except when someone has a specific problem. I want to give myself the opportunity to show off a little. I hope I'll be able to make it interesting.

Also, I hope within the next year to launch Tiny Ministries, a separate blog located elsewhere, about topics in religion, spirituality, and the like.

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