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On dreams, Discworld, drama, and Dar Williams

This was not a good weekend. Understatement, but I think I have to leave it at that. About the only bright spot was that with so much bad stuff happening to people we care about, everyone in the gaming group found it a relief to plunge into imaginary doom and gloom instead, so the session went fairly well.

My sleep schedule is off kilter again. I feel like I got no sleep at all last night, although in fact I know I must have, since I remember dreaming, vividly, for an extended period of time. I'm trying to reconstruct the order of what happened, because the pieces of the dream don't have a logical flow, even for dream-logic.

I think the first part must have been the fight with my parents. They were throwing me out of the house, for reasons I'm unclear on - largely because I'm unclear on the reasons I would have been living in their house anyway. The fight was entirely plausible, just not the subject matter. And for some reason, my parents and my brother had switched rooms (ignoring, of course, that he also doesn't live there.)

Most of the rest of it seems to have been about the con next weekend. I had just read the program book and looked at the hotel map before bed, so I can see why it was in my mind. Bryan was riding the shuttle with me and we went in together, but he disappeared almost immediately and didn't come back. I went to go flirt with a guy I was attracted to, using a really cheesy pickup line. At first he seemed to be interested and responding, but then he became oddly stilted and formal. I couldn't figure out what was going on. His friends really liked me, though, and ended up sweeping me off to a bunch of things they were doing. He kept bumping into me, and being alternately warm and cold. I couldn't figure out what was going on, but it didn't take long for his friends to notice, and they were baffled too. There were a whole bunch of little things I got involved in, much to my surprise; I remember a fair number of them, but the details don't matter. They definitely aren't in the programming of the real con.

Then at some point I was headed to the elevator, and Brent wandered past me. He didn't even recognize me at first, in such an unusual context. We had a brief conversation about nothing in particular, and then the guy I liked walked past looking pissed off about something.

Then I took the elevator up to the hall that my parents' house was apparently attached to. I went to my brother's room (which is actually my parents' bedroom) because I had a question for him. I was very surprised to find that he was hanging out, naked, with two con attendees, naked except for their badges. I asked why they were there, and he said they came in and he wasn't sure how to ask them to go away.[1] So I sat around and chatted with the naked men for a while.

That was a fairly natural segue into a recurring dream I have. I understand a lot of people dream about finding themselves naked at school or work or while speaking publicly. I dream about finding myself naked inside an immense hotel, with floors that don't line up properly[2]. Also, I'm usually locked out of my room, and can't remember the room number, only its position on the floor. In this variation, I did have the key, and the rest of my wallet, but not my purse. Or my clothes. Fortunately, with a con going on, there were enough people in strange costumes that most people I encountered failed to notice that I was actually naked. As usual, somewhere along the line I managed to find a dirty tablecloth to use as a toga while I navigated the curious halls looking for my purse and my room. This time, oddly, I was not the only naked girl. The other one was much cuter, and had found a clean pale blue pillowcase to cover herself with, and was looking for her brother.

Somewhere along the line - and I'm not sure if it was part of this sequence, or the beginning of the dreaming, or even a dream from the night before - I was trying to escape from assassins, and managed to trap myself in a room on a dead-end corridor. The Discworld Death showed up, was very puzzled to see me, gave me a copy of his outfit as a disguise, and created a diversion so I could escape.

This is about where I woke up to use the bathroom and drink some water.

As soon as I fell asleep again, I was back to the con. It seemed to be the next day, but otherwise was more of the same, wandering around with the guy's friends, trying to figure out whether he was behaving strangely because he didn't like me, or because he did like me and thought he shouldn't, or if it had nothing to do with me at all. I was getting really frustrated and annoyed with the whole thing, so I went off on my own and went shopping.

I was standing around talking at a table run by some girls from an a cappella group, when a large loud woman (and consider that it's me saying this) walked up and asked them if they played anything by [some not-very-good R&B artist]. She failed to listen to the explanation of the type of music. Then she asked if they would be available for "an event like this one" that she was organizing.

"What's the date?"
"Oh, I think I'll make it March or April."
"Okay, well, when you have it nailed down, drop us an email at this address. More than a year out, our schedule is usually no problem."
"No, honey, March or April this year."
", ma'am, I think you'll find that an event like this takes more than two months to put together."
"Two months? Honey, I'm not lazy and this can't be that hard. I'll have it all done this time tomorrow."

They managed to get rid of her, and once she was out of earshot, we all laughed so hard that we actually did end up rolling on the floor. Honestly, that's just ridiculous. Medfest, with an established setup, the endless energy of college students, a five-hour duration, and perhaps a couple hundred attendees, would have been a challenge to get together in less than two months, even if we pulled it off with an elite group of all the best who'd ever worked on it that wouldn't have personality conflicts with each other - assuming that's even a viable premise, which I don't concede.

Anyway, so then I was going somewhere else, and walked past a room set up with a stage for a concert. That guy was there, and he beckoned me to the seat next to him, but I pretended not to see him. I went in to see what was happening. My brother (clothed) was sitting in seating on one side of the stage, so I went up and joined him. Someone from the audience yelled, "Hey, if you go up there, you won't be on camera!" That sounded good to me. I asked Alex what was going on, and he said they were using the location to film for an upcoming DVD release, and invited the fans from the con in so that it could be a live audience. That must have been why he was at the hotel to begin with - clearly he was part of the production crew.

So, I stayed in the on-stage seating, along with a couple other women who appeared to be wives of crew members, and whichever part of the crew wasn't working at any given moment. The concert started, and it took me a good ten minutes to realize that the musician was Dar Williams. Everything about it had been so commercialized that it didn't seem like her at all. The music just sounded like generic pop. She didn't even have a guitar. There were photo ops and autograph signings going on during the concert and the filming. Only stage right was covered by the cameras, and the seating I was in was at stage left. Every time she'd come near us, I could see she was angry, and she threw away a fan's autograph book at one point.

Somehow, I guess at a break, she ended up by us with the microphones off. She asked what we thought, and I told her without mincing words that I'd seen her perform at Newport, and this was crap. She agreed wholeheartedly. She asked me which of her songs I liked best, and I rattled off a few. She told me not to go anywhere.

And then the alarm went off, and I woke up more exhausted than when I went to sleep. I didn't get to find out what Dar wanted from me, or what the hell was going on with that guy, but I would prefer to leave it that way. I'm actually a little afraid that the dream might keep going tonight.


[1] This makes me think of Seth letting the seven naked drunk guys who microwaved the dry-erase markers into the dorm in the first weeks of freshman year. When asked why he let them in, he said that they told him they didn't have their keys, and he could see they were telling the truth about that.

[2] I wonder why it is that most of my recurring dreams involve Escher-like architecture? The hotel, the crisscrossed infinite staircases, the receding school with the practically fractal hallways... Anyway, I've had this dream about the hotel periodically for years, and I only last night finally figured out how it could work in three ordinary dimensions. Maybe that means that I won't get lost there again.
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