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Ah, politics.

Clearly I spent too much time studying media spin. I've never been able to watch political speeches without picking the spin points. This one is like cotton candy - pre-spun fluff.

I also have watched West Wing too much, because I'm wondering about the ties. Biden's, blue striped, slanted down to my right. Obama's, red striped, slanted down to my left. Someone coordinated that.

However, bonus points for comparing something to a root canal, as well as several other points of humor directed at himself.

Naming towns across America is making me think of the cell phone commercial with the postcards. And is just about as effective.

As an employee of a small business, which has as clients a number of other small businesses, I wish that sometimes there would be a nod to professionals, as well as the entrepreneurs etc.

Oh, honey, if the US could get second place any more it would be a huge achievement.

Hey, the energy reform ideas actually involved sound political content. Now if only I believed there to be scientific/technological content behind it...

I wonder if they do calisthenics ahead of time to warm up for the standing and sitting. All they need now is kneelers, and they could have a full Sunday service. Whoops, there I go mixing religion and politics again.

Education does not prevent poverty. A college degree doesn't guarantee a good job either. I'm a big supporter of education, but I cry bullshit on that. I like the idea of loan forgiveness, but I have no idea if the numbers he gave will actually help anyone. Comments from anyone paying loans?

Hmm... need to find database and text search: has the phrase "thank you, honey" appeared in the State of the Union before?

Ah, we've achieved the "blame someone else" section. Nothing like deficits to make it Someone Else Did It. ...and just like everyone else, he's going to cut spending while not touching any of the big-ticket items that would be political suicide. I've heard this part of the speech before. Ah, that's the answer - we're not doing it now, we're doing it next year when things are better. Or the year after. Or some other decade.

Common sense. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Transparency, communication, and a call for bipartisanship, all in one breath. I love the ideology. I know too much to believe it. That's why I have a degree I will only ever use for this kind of commentary.

This may be the President's night, but taking that big a dig at the Republicans while claiming to encourage bipartisanship shows a lack of awareness of just how deep the distrust and disillusionment is on the street right now. Even if I do agree with him, I think that was a politically poor choice - not with the politicians, with the people.

Nuclear security summit: Awesome idea. Mentioning that North Korea will ignore them: Realistic. Effectiveness of anything which we know the REALLY SCARY people will just ignore: Minimal at best.

Excellent transition from rah-rah American buzzwords into civil rights. Too weak a stand on gay rights. If you mean equal, stand up and say it. Don't hide from it.

...and we're into the recap.

I have to say, though, he and/or his speechwriters have a better handle on how to preach a message of hope and faith better than just about anyone I've ever heard. Whether people believe him or not, this time, the pacing and rhetoric are impeccable.
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