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Life is good.

Saturday morning I drove down to Amy & Craig's. I'm finally getting a sense of the timing for that route, and where things are along it. Another trip or two and I'll be able to take it on autopilot.

We started promptly, sort of. daeron had missed the last three sessions, so we had to catch him up on the action. I kept trying to tell the short version, as time was on my mind, but I don't think it's possible for any gamers to tell the short version of games they were involved in. Admittedly, some of the details were worth reliving.

So, when we last left our heroes, we had inadvertently set off darkness, chaos, looting, fires, and the undead in the capital city, desanctified the temple of the primary religion, and then killed the head of the thieves' guild just for fun. Yes, that makes us the good guys, why do you ask? We claimed our reward from the king, got the hell out of Dodge, and decided to head for the elven capital to wreak our havoc there. [No, it wasn't quite like that - but it could certainly appear that way to outsiders.] On the way, we got into combat with Giant Freakin' Werewolves - and that's when I handed my character sheet to blackfog and abandoned the boys.

I met hughcasey for dinner, and enjoyed the evening greatly. I wish we'd had longer.

Then I left the mall, and got lost. Getting there had been very easy - it was all on roads that I knew, even if I didn't know that part. I love the roads in that part of PA. They go on forever, and if a road has the same name, it's the same road. It's usually very easy to get around. Unfortunately, the road I came in on had changed names, unbeknownst to me, so I didn't realize which way I wanted to leave the mall until I'd passed it. Then - here's the dumb part - I didn't just turn around in the parking lot. I hate retracing my steps, I really do. I figured that I could just go out the next exit, make a couple of lefts, and end up back where I wanted.

It turns out Willow Grove doesn't work like that. So I made my couple of lefts, and then a couple more, and then headed off straight ahead in a wrong direction. I have a very good sense of direction when I'm driving, so while I had no idea where I was and how to get to roads I knew, I was certain I was pointed toward the area I'm familiar with, and sooner or later I'd find myself. Then I stumbled across 611. I love that road. I've taken it from South Philly all the way to Doylestown. Within minutes I was back in familiar territory, and back to A&C's shortly thereafter - where, it turned out, I had missed very little in the game, and we were just at the part where my character really needed to be involved. I tried, but my focus was really not there any more.

Then Sunday was a day of quiet nothing. We visited Dan the Bagel Man, who yelled at us for coming late. I really enjoy being a regular at that kind of place. Then we had a quiet afternoon of Food Network and computers and Amy ranting about bad resumes. I brushed a small kitten's worth of shed out of Alex-the-cat. I removed Murphy from the bathtub, where he was chewing on the shower curtain. Again. We had leftovers for dinner. I headed home earlier than usual.

Now, this morning was a somewhat less thrilling experience. I finally had that doctor's appointment I've been putting off since... well, since always, actually, but mostly since this time last year when I saw the GP. I have some commentary about that, but I'm going to put it into a separate post since it's seriously oversharing. (You have been warned.)

Looking ahead: It turns out I actually have nothing scheduled next weekend. That's the first time since mid-October, I think. I'll likely end up back at A&C's - they want help setting up the office - but currently I'm uncommitted. The following weekend I'm down to northern VA to visit Melanie and family. Then I'm back to the regular boring routine, nothing big coming up on the horizon for a while.
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