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How stupid can I be before my morning tea? There is no limit.

It's just not fair to have a Very Bad Day before even getting out of bed in the morning.

So, okay, I had gotten out of bed, but I was back in it with my laptop as usual.

I was reading my email, and saw I had one from crifmer. And I thought, that's funny, Chris is in Vegas, why is he emailing? And I saw there was an attachment. And I thought, that doesn't look good. And I looked at the header... and saw that it was addressed to a small number of people, and the names I recognized made sense to me.

I noticed that the file was an executable. Indeed, the BIG WARNING BELLS did go off in my head. And I thought, Yeah, but if anyone were going to send something completely legitimate that looked iffy, it would be Chris.

And I clicked on it and ran it.


I knew better than that when I was twelve years old.

And so now my laptop - the good one - is infected with something. Something impressive. And I will have to spend all evening trying to figure out how to fix it, if it is even fixable. If only I had done a backup recently (ever), I would seriously consider blowing away the whole thing and starting over. Instead, I need to see if there is anything I can do to save it.

I did a lot of yelling before I left for work.

This is a Very Bad Day. Clearly. Somehow I don't think the work day is going to improve matters any. In fact, it seems unlikely that anything will improve the day - I can think of one thing that would, and I'm willing to allow for the possibility of others, but I'm not holding my breath. I rather think I've exceeded my quota of amazingly good lately.

Also, something seems to have bitten my hand overnight. So I am itchy as well as grouchy.

ETA: Please amuse me or otherwise make me happier. I'd even be up for another round of duck conspiracy. It's been a while.

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