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On dancing, whenever and wherever

Life needs more opportunities for dancing. At least, my life does.

I've managed to add music and theater back into my life through attending performances at the Morristown Community Theater. But watching live dance doesn't really work the same way for me. And while I love watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV, it just makes me want to get up and dance more.

I've looked into adult dance lessons, but finding a time and a style that work for me is challenging, never mind the cost. The partnered styles - swing, ballroom - are easier to find, but I don't have a partner and don't really want to drag someone into it. And, honestly, my lack of coordination and very slow learning curve for anything physical make lessons a poor choice.

The chances for informal dancing are few and far between these days. I'm not really a club kind of girl, I don't think. Other than that, it's mostly just weddings, and those are petering out too - not that I'm complaining. I miss when Sandy's room used to be a perpetual dance party, and when music playing meant you could grab someone and dance and no one would think anything of it. I still do that, for a few steps here and there, until my confused victim recovers and pulls away.

I dance by myself all the time. When I'm folding laundry or doing other boring chores, I put on music and dance around just to stay entertained. More often, I dance to the music in my head - ballet in the kitchen while cooking lunch, tap downstairs at work when getting my boss his coffee, a waltz with an imaginary partner just about anywhere I have the space. Yesterday it was a rather sexy number (at least in my head) prompted by someone else's LJ. Last weekend I danced around my car in the parking lot while I cleared the snow off it. This morning, I'm having trouble sitting still at my desk.

I need to listen to music more, I suppose. Dancing randomly isn't so bad, but it must look awfully funny when the music is inside my head.

I wish there were more times that it made sense for a group of people to dance. The energy is fantastic.

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