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Death is always an option.

There are days - and this is one of them - when John is very lucky to be worth more to me alive than dead.

When he wasn't home when I got back from the grocery store at 11:00, I assumed he was staying overnight with his boyfriend, and thought no more of it.

When his alarm clock went off at 5:30 (TWO HOURS before mine), I grouchily stumbled over to his bedroom to find the damn thing and figure out how to shut it off, and sincerely hoped that it was an unexpected overnight.

However, at 8:30, when his response to the question was to gleefully describe to me exactly how his boyfriend had stopped him from leaving, with that giddy I-just-got-shagged-senseless grin on his face... Well, lonely, depressed me (yay February), who was unnecessarily short on sleep, seriously considered wringing his smug little neck.

It would've been justifiable homicide, right?

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