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Help! I am insufficiently Wicked and can’t dress myself! the needing advice and reassurance sense, that is. I can handle the physical part of it. Mostly.

This weekend there is an event called the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire. It's in Somerset, New Jersey, right off Route 287 and just about exactly half an hour from where I live. Thus, it's basically a no-brainer that I should go. [1] I'm previously committed for Saturday (which is of course when most of the best events are happening), but I'll head over Sunday morning for the day.[2]

I rather suspect I'm not nearly wicked enough for this. It's hard to shock me any more, but I can be surprised, and certainly I can be embarrassed. And I have absolutely no ability to keep my thoughts and reactions off my face.[3] No, I don't play poker. Thus, since I'm undoubtedly going to look embarrassed and overwhelmed, I would like to dress in a way that conveys "I'm insufficiently experienced, but I'm trying to fix that, and I am attempting to fit in" and NOT "I'm a tourist horrified by freaks." Also, I really don't like going mundane to garbed events.

All that being said – Help? I have limited wardrobe and don't know what will work best. I've come up with the following options, each with pros and cons:

A) My new "Just Shy" T-shirt, with jeans. My plan had been to wear it to the next event with strangers, and this is the next event. However, I could always save it for the one after. [4] Pros: Printed disclaimers are very effective in groups that run strong to compulsive readers. Especially when printed across the chest. Also, this is comfortable, and is easily layered with a long-sleeved shirt for warmth if necessary. Cons: It is BRIGHT blue and, while a good color on me, is not subtle and will not blend in. And T-shirt and jeans is a little too mundane for me to be happy with.

B) My renfaire shirt & bodice.


Pros: Period-ish garb makes me look like I'm trying. It also shows off the cleavage. Cons: I still don't have a period-appropriate skirt, so either I wear it with a not-quite-right skirt, or with my jeans, neither of which is ideal. Also, I'm not entirely sure how the sizing is, since I haven't had it on in a number of years. I need to put it on, with help to relace it, to see if it can be made to fit. It's possible it might not go tight enough, in which case it's a no-go even if it's otherwise the best option. Oh, and I'd have to drive in it, which is occasionally problematic.

C) A button-down, of which I have many, in some color, with a vest handed down from Amy over it. The vest wants to pretend it's a bodice, even though it isn't. Pros: This looks good on me. It is fairly comfortable. Despite being professional clothing, it's not really mundane. Cons: It's professional clothing, and I know it. And I have no picture to show what this looks like.

D) Other. Darned if I know.

Help? Please?


[1] And yes, it took me about two months of dithering to come to that conclusion. I leave the logical conclusion about my intelligence as an exercise for the reader.

[2] Sunday does appear to be when the Drew students are performing. It's the same group of kids who do the belly-dancing at Revels and Medfest. I don't know any of them personally, but I know they're pretty good. So most likely I'll be at their performance to support them.

[3] This is probably a contributing factor in my persistent irrational fear that everyone else is telepathic and I'm handicapped and you're all not telling me. No, I'm not joking about this. I know it's entirely irrational - for one thing, I have observed too many people failing to communicate far worse than I do - but it springs to mind every time I think something I really don't want others hearing.

[4] Speaking of which, anybody want to go to Balticon? It's Memorial Day weekend, in/just outside Baltimore. I am going, I have paid for it, I have a hotel room reserved. But I have discovered (unsurprisingly) that it's more fun if I have people to talk to.

[5] Damn. The picture was from October 2004. No wonder I felt like it wasn't really me any more.

ETA: picture and another footnote.

ETA2: I think it'll be option C - it's the one making me happiest. Also, I located an accessory which improves its quirkiness.
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