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So what did you do this weekend, Stephanie?

Well, I think the question of whether I am insufficiently wicked for Wicked Faire must remain unanswered. I certainly didn't see much wickedness yesterday. In fact, the only thing I remember seeing all day that would have been notably out of place at an ordinary renaissance faire was the woman at the breakfast buffet in her pink-and-white-striped footie pajamas.

Then again, I also didn't see many of the performers, or even all of the vendors. I spent most of the day in the lobby, people-watching and/or hanging out with hughcasey and lynati_1. One nice thing about being at a local event was seeing people I already knew. I bumped into Verna (who's got to be the least wicked person I know, incidentally), and I saw a number of younger Medfest alums and their friends who I recognized, although I don't know names and I'm not sure any of them would have recognized me. I didn't make it over to see the Drew bellydancers, although, again, they wouldn't have known me anyway. I daresay they'll be at the festival in April, though.

I did not wear my beret. I like it, but apparently only French painters wear berets. I was prepared to ignore the opinions of everyone who has known me for years, on the basis that y'all just didn't like it because it doesn't match how you think of me. However, Lynati liked it, thought it was cute - and that it made me look like a French painter. *sigh* Back in the pocket then, back in the closet for good later. We were standing in a hat shop at the time, so I tried on a couple, and apparently the derby looked good on me. I've been looking for an awesome hat since I was probably about twelve, and this is the first time that awesome and cash-on-hand have ever matched up. So, I have a new hat. This makes Stephie happy.

I am very proud that I managed to restrain myself from pulling out my Massachusetts accent while I was there. I mean, seriously, doesn't Wicked Faire sound a lot like "wicked good" and the like?
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