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So do we call this one Slushpocalypse?

When I said I wasn't sure if I wanted snow or not, trust me, there was no ambiguity in my mind about not wanting this. Wintry mix is the special hell. I think that between the car and the house, my hands turned to ice and my brain got waterlogged.

I was the only one in the office this morning. Joe can't go out in bad weather because of his hip, and he'd already told Toni to stay home if the weather was bad. However, the roads were clear and so I was in on time. He had me work straight through till 2, and then let me close up and leave for the day. It's still just slush, but I'm not arguing.

Now I'm curled up with my book and my computer and several seasons of NCIS. I think hot chocolate may be in order later.
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