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Four geeks in a basement

I've finally escaped from my snowbound prison of the last two days, to venture forth to the freedom and wide-open spaces of my friends' basement. Or something.

So far this session (we're on dinner break), there has been little action, but we're being particularly quotable.

C: "He is a mage from the James T. Kirk school of magic. But he tries to be Kirk, and pulls off Chekov."

C: "Must not eat the King of the High Elves."
A: "You are not the Necromongers. You do not become King of the High Elves by eating the current king."
C: "It's still tempting."
K: "You keep what you kill?"
C: "Well, it's probably against my oath anyway." Picks up character sheet and reads. "Wait, it might not be!"

K: "How long does it take to... Crap!"
C: "That depends on what you ate the day before."

C: "We're on a ship. Where are you getting the stick for the wand? A belaying pin of healing?"

Aside from that, all is well with me. I'm a little worried about a couple of my friends, and owe one of them a call tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to Monday, when it won't be February any more. Oh, and I seem to have used unfamiliar muscles while scanning yesterday, so I'm sore today.

ETA: more quotes from after dinner.