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I remember this feeling.

Holy God, but this is a pain day. I haven't had a day half this bad since starting on the anti-depressants last year. Clearly this is the part that backs up my argument that it's not all in my head. Monster storm kicks my ass. Or, rather, the hands, then a knee, then the feet, then the shoulders... When I started driving down this morning, it was just the hands, but when the knee started, I wasn't sure I was making it all the way to PA. My endurance used to be better than this. Then again, it used to be chronic.

I burned through a standard dose of Advil in about two hours. Trying a double dose now, and if that doesn't last, I'm just giving up and living with it.

One more for the list to discuss with the doctor at the physical.

ETA: Still metabolizing too fast. Steady levels better. Hoping sleeping it off will be sufficient. As I have said way too often, I'm too young to feel this old. I continue to hope that tomorrow shall be a better day.

ETA2: ourika points out that not all of what I'm referring to has been public, and what has been was years ago. I will try to write something up in the next day or so explaining the history.
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