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Sunny days

The greatest advantage of my minuscule commute is being able to go home for lunch almost every day. John's off today, so when I got home most of the windows were open and the house was full of light and fresh air. I promptly opened up both of my bedroom windows so my room could join the party. I ate my lunch with sunlight warming my toes and a light breeze blowing my hair, and I watched the landlady's dog playing in the yard. The disadvantage, of course, is that on glorious days like this, it's hard to drag myself back to the office for the afternoon.

It's also hard to remind myself that it's only March. It's spring that starts tomorrow, not summer. I shouldn't pull my sandals out of the closet, no matter how much I want to put away my boots. If I did that, or put the office's bucket of snow melt back into the basement, it would essentially guarantee another snowstorm within a week. I'm resisting.

I should do all sorts of useful things tomorrow, like get an oil change and do some spring cleaning. Instead, I'm planning to be spontaneous (for me) and have fun elsewhere tomorrow. There's always Sunday for the chores.