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I followed a link from popfiend to an article on spinster stigma which says pretty much what I expected. Researchers talked to thirty-plus single women (both number and age), and learned that:

* Dating gets challenging, because all the good men are already taken.
* It's embarrassing to still have to get up for the bouquet toss at weddings.
* Everyone else talks more and more about spouses and children, and there's nothing to say.
* Family members ask obnoxious questions.

Really? This is news? This needed a research study and is getting journal publication? Yes, folks, society is still predominantly made up of hetero married couples. Being different from the norm is no fun. Just ask anyone who's gay and trying to get some equal rights. But, yes, it's also not all that easy to be single, whether by chance or by choice. Yes, there is a social stigma, even if it's subconscious. I'm pretty damn sure that single men feel it too. Seriously, is there anyone who doesn't know this? Please, tell me this is not funded research.

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