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Frequently Asked Questions

Seems like every website has a FAQ these days, but often it seems to be the questions people wish they were asked.

If I were to write up my own personal list of Frequently Asked Questions, it would go something like this:


1. How do you spell that?

M-E-Z as in Zebra Z-A-C as in Cat C-A.

2. Where's the restroom?

Through that door, turn right, down the stairs, stay to the right.

3. What's your fax number?

973-XXX-XXXX (it's on the website if you actually need it)

4. What does per stirpes mean?

It's the way you expect dividing shares of inheritance to work. Assume you have three children, and each of them has two children. One of your children dies before you do. Per stirpes distribution would mean dividing the entire inheritance into three shares. Your surviving children would each get one share, and the children of the one who predeceased you would each get half of the remaining share. The alternative method is per capita, and that way the entire amount would be divided into four shares, one for each of the surviving children, and one for each of the children of the child who predeceased you. Yes, that is strange, isn't it?

5. Where did I put the _______?



1. How did you and Bryan get to know each other, anyway?

[Short answer: He was bored. And/or It's Melissa's fault.]

2. So are you here this weekend, or in Pennsylvania?

a) Here b) There c) No

3. Do you need the bathroom before I shower? (Not in my current apartment, but it still wins the lifetime achievement award.)

No, not until you're in the middle of the shower...

4. Where did I put the ________?



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