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The long way home.

I was too restless this afternoon for a typical quiet Sunday at A&C's, especially once the race was rained out. So I decided to get lost.

No, really. When I have nothing better to do and time on my hands, I will go drive somewhere that I'm not familiar with, and take random turns or follow roads in directions I don't usually go. I can't count the number of times this has come in extremely useful, when later on I make a wrong turn and have to find my way back when I don't have time to spare.

So, first I connected up the two pieces I knew of the road I was already on. That put me near 202, so I followed that south. I'd been on that piece for a little while, but knew I'd hit unfamiliar territory before long. Then I was exploring! *grin* 202 South apparently goes to the King of Prussia Mall. In fact, it appears that possibly every highway in Pennsylvania is designed to lead people to the KoP Mall. Then I thought, "Hey, I know someone who lives around here." So I called hughcasey and invited myself to pester him for a while. (Of course that was rude of me, but he could have said no. Or just not given me directions.) It was very good to see him.

I should have left there around eight, when the rain was just starting. I didn't leave until nine, but I still should have been home by eleven, which is my usual goal. It would have been fine, if I hadn't missed the exit for 78 from the Northeast Extension. It's not like I didn't know what exit I wanted, or that it was coming up. I knew exactly what I was doing. The visibility was just so bad by then that I didn't see the exit until I was past it.

Sadly for me, it turns out that the next exit after that is 20 miles on. That's a mistake I will be very certain not to make again. So, I had another round of Lost in Pennsylvania for the day. Between that, and the ten minutes of lost-in-mall-zone at the beginning of the trip, it was just about midnight before I got back here.

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