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wrapping up the evening

* My prediction for release time for tomorrow: 3:00 if I skip lunch, 4:00 if I eat. Joe wants to close early, but won't be getting to the office until noon at the latest, and we have to get together tax paperwork on half a dozen client files to send to the accountant.

* Tonight I win at the game of Internet. I reposted about the new Muppet video ahead of both the most prolific video poster I know, and the most rabid Muppet fan. (Of course it's not a contest. Except when it is.)

* However, I fail at the game of finding decent fanfiction. The one I turned up at lunchtime is a complete trainwreck, and I keep reading one more chapter to see if it redeems itself. It's not going to, and I should stop. I just can't look away.

* The Autism Spectrum Quotient test has popped up on Facebook. Tonight I scored 36. I took it a couple months ago, but I'm not sure exactly where I landed - it wasn't in my journal and I can't track it down. I know it was fairly close. The others who've posted it tonight (or told me, in John's case) have been in the normal-to-low range, and their comments have been fascinating to me, because they perceive the questions very differently. I'm curious about how my friends generally would place, and kind of hope more people will take it in the morning. I rather suspect that a chart of respective scores would neatly match a chart of how closely we actually understand the way the others think - if there were a way to chart that. Basically what it comes down to for me: when I say I'm painfully socially awkward, I'm not kidding. I'm just a little better at faking it than I used to be.

* Almond tea does indeed go well with peas. Or most other things, for that matter.

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