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I find that when other people post pictures, I'm as much interested in the background of the pictures as I am of the subject matter. Sure, this is what you look like - but if I can see your desk, or your bookcases, that could tell me something about who you are, or about what we have in common.

Or possibly I'm just nosy.

Anyway, I know that on the Internet, no one is alone. So, for whoever may be out there wanting to learn about me from my stuff: Here are pictures of my bookcases. (From the size in the post, you can't see much - but if you really care, keep clicking through on the pictures, and eventually you'll get to one large enough to read titles.)

First, the science fiction and fantasy.

General fiction. I didn't realize until I uploaded this that I cut off the bottom shelf, which holds the gaming books. That will be much cooler anyway when I add my dad's collection to it, after the next time I visit my parents.

Kids' and young adult fiction on the top two shelves. Cookbooks, most of which are John's. Classics through medieval, and some random stuff. Political science, paralegal studies. More miscellaneous.

All of those are in the den/library/guestroom/etc., downstairs. Upstairs in my room, there's a bit more. My DVDs are the top half of the bookcase on the left. The bottom two shelves hold religion/mythology/folklore/fairy tales. The short bookcase on the right has books that belong to other people on the top shelf, and issues of F&SF Magazine on the other shelves.

Finally, books that haven't made it onto a shelf yet. Some are in the database and are just up here to be read, some still haven't been entered. The ones in the box are Not Mine: some are to be read and returned, some are to be read and donated, some are ones I've culled from my collection to be donated or duplicates purchased accidentally, and some were given to me and I'm not sure if I'll keep them or not.

After I took that last photo, I pulled the plastic off the atlas and lost myself just flipping through the pages for about half an hour. I've wanted a really good atlas for years, and this one was a gift from my parents this Christmas.
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