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Apr. 18th, 2010

I ate M&Ms while driving home tonight. I usually won't eat M&Ms in the dark, but I put up with it this time. (I'm a candy sorter. I know the rules I make for myself are ridiculous, but it bothers me when I can't follow them.) At least the colors all taste the same now. Before they changed the coatings, when each color tasted different, it would have made me crazy to mix them.


My iPod froze up, halfway home. This made Stephie sad. I'm leaving it alone for now, but tomorrow night I will try a few things and see whether it will come back to me or whether it's bricked. If it needs to be replaced, I need to get on that quickly. I don't mind entertaining myself or listening to one of the CDs I keep in the car for local trips (by which I mean anything within about two hours), but I'm going to the DC area in two weeks and I need audiobooks or podcasts to make that trip by myself.