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As I said a couple of weeks ago, CSI is how the ordinary people find out about fetishes. However, it's also one of the few shows that makes geeks look good.

House, on the other hand, makes geeks look like freaks. Tonight's episode: putting renaissance faires, the SCA and the like into the spotlight as The Evil. I would have thought it might have been sufficient for them just to continually disparage people with enough imagination to indulge in escapist behaviors[1] that don't involve pharmaceuticals, but apparently for either the show or FOX it was not. So the casualty of the week turns out to be a witch[2]. This pisses me off for two entirely separate reasons, not counting that it was completely irrelevant to the plot.

Meanwhile, the teaser for next week indicates that next week, they're going to be criticizing the idea of an open marriage. I am very close to dumping this show already. We'll see if next week pushes me over the edge.

Bones, also a FOX show, is at least a little more gentle about its treatment of the geeks, since the main character is a brilliant scientist with poor socialization. Apparently she's also only supposed to be a year older than I am. I'm now feeling really inferior about what I've done with my life - or, more to the point, not done with it. And it showed a high school reunion, and reminded me of all the reasons that I hate going, but don't dare skip them. On the other hand, I'm tempted next time to just send a note that says "Still fat. Still single. Still happy. Screw you all." Reunions tend to make me regress.


[1] Other escapist behaviors include reading speculative fiction. Or playing role-playing games, or computer games. Or most other geeky pastimes. Most of the things I do for fun are escapist. That's because the rest of the time, I work in a law office. Or I'm doing laundry or grocery shopping or the like. I'm firmly grounded in the real world. Why shouldn't I get to indulge my imagination the rest of the time? *grumble*

[2] I apologize for the spoiler. But it's not much of one.

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