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And that's the weekend.

This week's gaming session: having decided that saving the world took precedence over minor details like who would be in charge of it afterward, we marched straight into the camp of the guy taking over the world on the morning after he destroyed the dwarven capital. We explained why we want him to loan us his principal mage, and he explained why he is an arrogant multi-racist. We followed the insane little mage down a great big hole, got in a fight with the demigod of darkness, and now should have only two more demigods to fight before going in to free the Dark God of Madness. So, one or two sessions left.

We also discussed the options for the summer game. We narrowed down the choices pretty quickly, but then encountered a difficulty: none of the GMs were particularly inspired to run. However, I'm very much excited by one of the ideas on the table. I don't GM. I've done co-GM a couple of times, but I don't do it solo. I think deeply and at length, so can plan and out-think and so on between sessions, but I'm not good at improvising, which is a major problem.

If I can get a little bit of planning help, I think we're going to try it anyway. So, if anyone would be willing to discuss with me some ideas of what to do to James Bond/Mission Impossible types in the mid-1960s, please let me know! (We'll discuss elsewhere, the players can read this.) Also, daernhelm, will you help me some? We're looking at using Wild Talents.

Today, Amy and I went to see Alice in Wonderland. I'm glad we finally managed to get out to do it. I enjoyed it and I think seeing it in the theater was decidedly worth it. It was not quite what I expected, despite knowing a fair amount about it ahead of time, which probably means that Tim Burton achieved exactly what he wanted. I think that working with Tim Burton may have been an excellent choice for Anne Hathaway. She could be a good fit with his regulars.

My favorite line was "This is my dream and I choose the path." That's how we should all look at life, isn't it? I'm going to try to keep that in mind. Some of the other bits of the script reached me as well, one way or another. Of course the plot was predictable, but that's part of the point of familiar stories and fairy tales.

I am not usually a visual person, but I really appreciated some of the effects and much of the detailing. The artistry is excellent.

We're going to try to see How to Tame Your Dragon in two weeks.

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