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a brief hiatus

I've had a lot to say. Or have I? Recently I think I've been babbling unnecessarily, just to keep up the rate at which I had been posting. And that's kind of a waste of everyone's time. Sure, it's my journal, and I can say whatever I want, but I want to be saying things with content.

In January, I talked for a while with kittyspajamas about online communication and how it's taking over our lives. In February I discussed my frustrations with this form of communication. And yet, I think I've missed my own message.

I need a vacation. This is not news. But I think maybe I need a vacation from my Internet habit as well. That I can do for myself.

I'll be back on Monday. By then, maybe I'll have finished the next essay in the Paralegal's View series, or have something else interesting to say. In the meantime, call me if you need anything. (I'll still be online until Friday evening and so will get email or comments - but I'm going to try to restrain myself from spending too much time.)

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