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Dear Adam:

Dear Adam:

You have become a faceless nobody. Actually, I think you always were a faceless nobody. You were my first real crush, and I liked you for almost all of eighth grade (of course, it would have been the one year we weren't in the same homeroom).

And I have no idea why. As soon as a couple months later, I had no idea why. You had no distinctive features, you weren't cute, you had very little personality, and I knew pretty much nothing about you, so I have no idea if we had common interests.

Yet, I really liked you, for that year. I even had a secret doodle that only I could decode that meant I liked you. And all my friends gave me reports on what you did, just like I gave them reports on their respective crushes.

Secret crushes were kind of fun. They certainly made for good girl-bonding time, at any rate.