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There's a point in any long (4+ hours each way) road trip I take by myself when I get BORED. It's generally 2-3 hours into the return trip. Returning from eastern MA, this means either partway through Connecticut, or just south of Albany, depending on my route. From DC, it's almost always just south of the border between Delaware and Maryland.

There's a point along 95 when I think I should call friends and see what they're doing, when traffic sends me through PA on the way home instead of taking the Del Mem bridge right into NJ. It happens to be about 15-20 minutes after the boredom point, which may be part of the issue. Usually I don't. "Hi, I'm passing by unexpectedly, entertain me please?" tends to be an awkward conversation.

There's a point after I'm overdue for a haircut that my hair almost starts to look good again. I'm not quite there. Looking forward to getting it cut next weekend.

There's a point when the humidity reaches about six thousand percent, where if I don't have a hat or something else restraining my hair, it doubles in volume about every three minutes. I'm sure there's a limit to the effect, but I generally flee back into air conditioning before finding out.

There is not, however, a point to this post.

Adorable pictures and video from Sammy's birthday party to follow.


May. 3rd, 2010 04:22 am (UTC)
I'm not as cute as you are. :-)

But yeah, "talk to me while I drive" usually works OK. "I want to stop at your house uninvited" also usually works OK for me - but does get awkward. At least on my end.