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Sunday was a quiet, relaxing day. This was a good thing. I haven't slept well in the last week, as this blasted cold has required me to sleep propped up on pillows, and I never sleep properly if I can't be horizontal. The traditional Sunday afternoon "race nap" was very welcome (although there was no race, it being Mothers' Day).

In the evening, I ended up watching Thirteen Days, a Kevin Costner movie about the Cuban missile crisis. I generally prefer my history lessons through fiction whenever possible, and this was well-timed since I have a need to immerse myself in the early sixties anyway. It was fascinating stuff. Politics and power dynamics always do interest me anyway, of course.

The one thing I just couldn't get my head around was how bad the accents were. I know that the Kennedy accent is not the same as a Boston accent, which in turn is not the same as the accent local to where I grew up. However, they all are more similar to each other than to what was portrayed in the movie. JFK wasn't bad. The actor had clearly worked on it, and while it wasn't right, it was internally consistent and not particularly jarring. However, the only thing worse than the bungle Costner made of it was the disaster of RFK. I swear that all the scenes in the movie about cars were there just because the only thing they knew was the "park your car in Harvard Yard" bit, so they wanted to say "car" as often as possible. I was twitchy all the way through, and I ended up yelling at the TV on multiple occasions (not that this is unusual behavior for me). I even caught myself slipping into my hometown accent, and I NEVER sounded like that without faking it myself.

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