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The Cough of Doom kept me awake most of the night. Given the complete lack of response from my regular doctor on Friday, I didn't even bother calling them this morning and went straight to the walk-in clinic.

Lungs are clear, it's probably viral, and so on. Rather than prescribe the cough syrup with the codeine, he gave me these cute little translucent spherical pills which are cough suppressants. We'll see how it goes. If they work, I'll be thrilled, because next time I'll be able to ask for them directly without triggering off warnings the way you do if you come in asking for codeine. (swimpaddlz, I did try what you recommended, but it didn't seem to help. I'll keep it around and maybe next time it'll help hold off the bad stuff.)

Also, my blood pressure was 114 over 70, as opposed to the unusual 140 over 90ish at the regular doctor's a few weeks ago. I note that not only I have not reduced my salt intake, but if anything I have increased it out of indignation. However, I did take a couple of days off work, and I did do some things I find relaxing, which tends to confirm my personal opinion that it's stress-related.
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