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catching up on the chores, and other weekend tasks

This was supposed to be a weekend in PA for me, watching 60s spy movies. However, I was feeling rotten Friday afternoon, although I didn't think much of it at first because I haven't really felt well in weeks. When I got home and took my temperature and discovered it was 101.2 - on a thermometer where my normal is 97.7 - I realized that perhaps I really was unwell. By morning it was only slightly elevated, but I decided that perhaps I'd better not push my limits any more than I already had.

So instead I stayed home . I set two major goals for the weekend. The first was to catch up on laundry. Good grief, I wear a lot of clothes. I did six loads (including sheets) this weekend. Also, I had to choose between HE detergent and the Free & Clear (of dyes and perfumes). I chose smelly HE. I have chosen poorly. Next time I'll stick with the Free & Clear and use an extra rinse cycle. I'll find out tonight whether next time will be when I reach the end of this bottle, or soon enough to re-wash the three loads I already did in the scented detergent.

I also got ahead on ironing, which will give me a little extra time in the mornings for the next week or so, washed some dishes, finally bought bulbs for the fixture in the downstairs hallway, and a couple other minor household chores. So, all in all, it definitely qualifies as a productive weekend.

The other major goal was to start my exposure to Doctor Who. I'd prepared by adding all the episodes available through Netflix Streaming to my queue and putting them in chronological order by release date, then pulling up the Wikipedia article to save me time looking up answers to my inevitable confusions.

My thoughts so far:

1960s television doesn't hold up well immediately after present-day television. Fortunately I've listened to enough 1960s BBC radio that I switched gears fairly quickly. However, while I appreciate the context and all that, I really want to skip forward to a more modern view and characterization of women.

Research tells me that the foggy memories I have of my grandfather watching the show must have been the 4th Doctor. It's the 3rd Doctor I'm looking forward to, as I'm well aware of Jon Pertwee from his major radio role on Navy Lark.

I do love the sense of humor, though. My favorite line today: "Logic, my dear Zoe, merely enables one to be wrong with authority." That's how I live a fair amount of life.

Meanwhile, I also started getting ready for Balticon next weekend. I've been through the posted programming a couple of times now and have a preliminary list. There's less that interests me at this con than the previous ones. I don't know whether that's because I'm just not interested in their offerings, or because I'm getting better at weeding out what will be boring, or what. At any rate, I'm not worried about keeping myself entertained.

When I woke up this morning, I actually felt healthy! So I went out this afternoon to purchase some things that I think might be helpful. No one, especially daeron, should find it concerning that those items were a small hand truck and a couple of bungee cords. Really. Mwahaha., really. It has more to do with the combined need to be a good hostess and refusal to pay hotel prices for soda. So I feel it necessary to bring enough soda/water/tea for myself and my roommates and anyone else I might know, for the entire weekend. Also, some snacks, for when I skip meals because I don't have anyone to eat with (and this is the OTHER half of the reason I don't want to do these events completely on my own). That stuff gets bulky, fast. Ask oidhche, who carried things for me at Arisia. I can pack clothing small and in bags with straps. Soda, not so much.

...okay, so maybe it was scarier than it sounded. Anyway, the small cart should be more than sufficient (and may also come in handy for the next time I need to move my books). Bungee cords are for attaching things to the cart, but also, every vehicle should have either rope or bungee cords or preferably both.

And that was my weekend. Quiet, refreshing. Now, off to see if I can sleep on strangely scented sheets.

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