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Local fauna

Is there anything cuter than a chipmunk?

There's a chipmunk that lives nearby. It used to live in the stones alongside my landlady's front porch. It was by no means tame, but it was accustomed enough to the rest of us who live on the property that it would let me get fairly close before it would run off. I always meant to bring it some sunflower seeds, but somehow I never got around to it. I'm not sure where it lives now, since Kathy had the front yard redone, but it's still in the neighborhood. I saw it foraging this afternoon, pawing through a pile of leaves with a squirrel.

The squirrel is also a local resident. There are a lot of squirrels, of course, but this one is recognizable because it has a bald tail. I don't know whether it met with some mishap, or had a disease, or if it's just a genetic quirk, but it lacks the bushy splendor of all the other squirrels in the area. It doesn't seem to inconvenience him any. I've watched him jump from branch to branch just like any of the others.