Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Dear Jeff:

Dear Jeff: Why is it, I wonder, that you are the one person I am still in touch with? The first time I knew you, I didn't even like you. You were the annoying boy in the car pool, and all six girls did our darnedest to not be in the same car as you.

In high school we had a bit more in common, and I even worked on the school paper just because of you (and stayed involved after you graduated out of loyalty). You loaned me a couple of books, and we had some mutual friends. But we never really got to know each other.

Yet when I left for college and severed the bulk of my ties to our home town, I still stayed in touch with you through occasional emails. I took a couple of classes based on your recommendations. You came out to me before coming out in general, as a practice run. (digression: And were the umpteenth person to do so. Do I have a face that says "Tell me you're gay or bisexual?" And do they do it because they think I'm going to be accepting and good with it (which is the case) and they want to practice, or because they think I'm going to be offended and judging (not so) and want to get used to the idea? Oy.)

And we are still exchanging Christmas cards every year.
Tags: dear friends

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