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Peer pressure 1, Mom 0

I've been telling my mom for a year or more that she should be on Facebook. Her friends are, her family is, and we all know what's going on in each other's lives when she doesn't. My aunt's been pressuring her ever since she started with it. My mom is very stubborn and doesn't like being told what to do.

There's been a round of discussion on the family Facebook group about an old picture and whether a certain relative was present. My mom has my grandmother's photo albums which are better annotated, so my aunt called her to find out what she knew and relayed it to the rest of us yesterday. This morning I got the following email:

I concede

At your convenience please set me up a very simple but as private as possible Facebook page/presence. And send me any tips you sent Aunt Vicki.

It is ludicrous to have to send comments by way of California. And have to find out what my kids are doing by going to choir! M

Patience, persistence, and peer pressure. *grin*

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