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National Dance Day (with bonus bad art)

I am not an artist. I am completely lacking in that talent. As proof, I present what happened last night, when I decided to illustrate the children's song I've had stuck in my head.

(click through for the larger version and the full horror)

I'm particularly amused by the dog, which looked exactly like a pig until I decided to make it a long-haired dog. Now it looks like a hairy pig. And you'll note I gave up completely partway through the ungulates.

Anyway, my reason for showing you this is to make a point: you don't have to be good at something to enjoy doing it, or even to entertain others. There's no talent required to have fun.

With that in mind: Tomorrow, Saturday July 31, is National Dance Day. It's sponsored and promoted by the Dizzy Feet Foundation and So You Think You Can Dance. It's being recognized by Congress. I urge everyone to join me, and many others, in celebrating dance.

If you live in or near a major city, you can find organized events to participate in if you choose. There's a choreographed routine available online if you want to learn it. However, there's no need to do something formal. Just take five minutes and dance a little, wherever you are, however you can. Grab a partner and waltz in the kitchen or tango down the hall. Do the Electric Slide, the Hokey Pokey or the Macarena. Do the high school shuffle, or even Wonderdance to the un-beat. If you're working or driving or otherwise stuck in a seat all day, do a little chair dance.

Dancing is good for the body and the spirit, and anyone can do it. Please, take just a few moments tomorrow to support dance by dancing a little yourself.

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