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What I'm reading: Finished What Life was Like in the Jewel in the Crown. I bought this whole series of Time Life books a few years back. A couple of the early volumes were on periods that I do have knowledge about, and I could tell from those that the books give a decent overview of the history and culture of their respective periods. Also, the bibliographies are extensive and are an excellent resource for continuing to learn. So, I bought the rest on the theory that it would be a good way for me to pick up a little bit of information about some times and places I didn't know much about -- in this case, English involvement in India. This was exactly the sort of circumstance I had in mind.

Next up: one final attempt to finish Steamed! by Katie MacAlister. She's written romance novels with geeky settings that I've really enjoyed in the past. When I picked this one up earlier this year, I hoped it would serve as the "gateway drug" for me to understand steampunk. I've tried several times, and just haven't been able to get into it. Honestly, I'm used to being disappointed in romance, but being disappointed even by the romance novels is a bit unfair!
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