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Recent history

American history classes in grade school never seemed to get past WWII. The second half of the twentieth century was covered in a rush in the last day or two before review for the final exam. After all, nothing important happened then, right?

Earlier this year, we were talking about a game set in the 1960s, and watched several movies that gave a feel of the culture and mindset. Everything about it was completely foreign to me, and it really could have been just fiction. Yet, my parents lived through and have talked about some of the events that to me are just facts from the history texts.

Tonight I watched a movie set within my own lifetime, but before my memory. It also seemed like a different world. But I've seen the pictures of my parents' clothing and furniture, and little toddler Stephie with the push-toys in a living room unmistakably of a certain era.

I wonder which things about the way I live today will seem terribly dated and unmistakably 2010 when someone in 2040 watches a movie filmed or set in this time?