Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Writer's Block: Vote early, vote often

Do you vote for a candidate based on issues or do you do you follow the party line, and why?

I have voted for candidates based on their stances on issues, or their party's stances. Or their opponent's.

I have voted for parties without knowing much about the candidates.

I have voted for the lesser of two evils.

I have voted against incumbents when I thought a change was necessary, and against incumbents who I thought were competent. (My dad invariably votes against the incumbent.)

I have voted for candidates I liked personally. I have voted for a candidate I couldn't stand personally, but who I admired politically. Actually, that may be a lie. I'm not sure I ever had the opportunity to vote for Teddy Kennedy. But I would have.

I have voted for people who would make my life easier, or at least against those who would make it more difficult.

I have written in my choice when I thought it the appropriate use of my vote.

Once, I got to vote for someone I liked personally, thought would do a good job in the office and would work well with us, and was by far the best of the candidates. And she even won the election.

I don't always vote any particular way. I think about my choices for each race in each election and make my decisions individually.
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