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It's been a long day, for all that I didn't really do much.

For once, Madison did a decent job of plowing, so the streets were mostly passable by the time I got up. The driveway, not so much. Because I live in the back portion of a two-family building, it's a long damn driveway. I called my boss and told him I could either spend several hours exhausting myself trying to dig out on my own, or I could wait a couple of hours for the landlady's sister to come over with the snowblower. He said it was fine to just wait to get plowed out.

I made some breakfast, and then fell asleep for a couple of hours. I didn't want to wake up, because I was so nice and toasty warm. Too warm, when I woke up enough to think about it. When I made it back downstairs. I discovered that the wind had blown the front door open. The heat was on, trying to counteract the great outdoors downstairs, while upstairs it got nearly tropical. *sigh*

Since it was nearly noon, I went out to check on the driveway. Kathy, the landlady, was out shoveling near the mouth of the driveway. This was not a good sign. After being greeted enthusiastically by Dozer, her very friendly chocolate Lab, I walked up to see what was going on. Apparently Pat's snowblower had been in the repair shop for two weeks, and the guy wouldn't get back to her phone calls. She had just found out that he hadn't gotten around to fixing it yet. So I helped Kathy with shoveling for a little while, until Pat managed to find someone who could come plow the driveways without costing an arm and a leg. They couldn't get there until almost two.

So at 2:30, I finally left for the office. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of being the sole full-time employee of a local business. If I can't get in, we're closed. If I can get in, we're open. And I'm honest, and better at driving in snow than many people around here.

While I was enroute, about half the town lost power... the half that includes the office and my boss's house. So, while I did get to work, there was precious little I could do there, with no computers, no phones, no lights and no heat. He kept me there for about 45 minutes anyway, in the hope the power would come back quickly. I opened mail, did some filing, and a few other things I could do, but by 3:30 the temperature had dropped another three degrees, the natural light was starting to fade, and finally he relented and let me go home. Home is in the half of town that still had power, and I was very happy to come back to light and heat.

He called me later on, and told me the power came back about ten minutes after he let me go. I think this is a sign that it should have just been a snow day from the start.

It's been very quiet here these last two days, with John away and the world muffled by the snow. I resorted to the TV for company. And now I remember why I don't watch television when I can't fast-forward through commercials.

Anyway, now I'm tucked up with a mug full of gourmet hot cocoa, the kind that has to be made with milk and not just water. I don't often have milk in the house. I should. I also want to know how other people make the whipped cream form that perfect shape. Mine always comes out funny-looking.

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