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On Saturday night, our GM said, "An ogre charges you from behind. However, he has all the subtlety of... a charging ogre." As laughter ensued, he ruefully added, "And I have all the creativity of a charging ogre." I think it's a useful standard of comparison, though. Certainly I've seen people demonstrating all the subtlety of a charging ogre. Myself included, more often than I'd like to remember.

The world in which our game is currently situated is very intriguing to me, but there's plainly something we just aren't picking up on that is keeping us from finding direction. Although, as I write this, I've just had an idea about that. In the meantime, we're following what sounds like the way Star Trek: Voyager has been explained to us. We want nothing more than to go home, but we have no idea where that is. Instead, we're flailing about in uncharted territory, encountering either the monster of the week or the peculiar, dangerous civilization of the week. I won't be surprised in the least if Q shows up next session. (This is not a request, Andrew.)

On Sunday I headed over to the Alternative Living Expo, a new event put on by the same team that does Wicked Faire. It took me several passes to find the place. I knew I was coming in the back way and that the road I needed was nameless and thus unmarked, but I didn't realize it would also be cleverly disguised. From the road I was on, it looked like the signs were direction to hiking trails, which made sense since I'd just passed a large park. It was I think my fourth pass back and forth when I decided that had to be the road I needed and drove up far enough to see that the signs were for stores and buildings in the giant parking lot complex I was looking for.

I was mostly just there to hang out with friends. I had volunteered to help out hughcasey with his photography booth as I had at Wicked, but business was slow and he didn't need any help until tear-down, when it was all hands on deck. Instead, like lynati_1, I helped elionwyr at the next table over where she was selling jewelry for her friend Alanya. For anyone keeping score, Alanya is the woman whose baby I made friends with at Arisia. With several extra people to cover, this meant that all three of us had time to wander and shop and so on, while not leaving the jewelry unattended.

I explained about my inability to dress myself, so Lynati took me shopping for things to wear with the new corset I'd bought two weeks earlier. At the first place, we looked at blouses, and while none of them spoke to me, I did get a better sense of what I'm looking for. I might be able to find that in ordinary stores. The second place had great skirts. I tried one on, and the woman assisting us sent me to look in the mirror while she helped Lynati. There, the business owner put a corseted jacket on me, just so I could see how the skirt looked with something in period instead of just over my street clothes. It fit beautifully, and as she was lacing me up, I kept thinking how comfortable it was. Yes, I felt comfortable being laced into a corset. It was gorgeous, lots of velvet and chiffon, and fully boned. And it could not have fit me better or been more my style if it had been made for me. I didn't even ask how much it cost. I also didn't take it off. Gentle reader, I bought that garment! I didn't even really get a good look at it until I took it off 4 or 5 hours later. It is the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever owned. It is also the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever owned, even if the alterations to the sausage-casing bridesmaid dress are included. There exists a picture of me wearing it right over my jeans and T-shirt (Hugh snuck up on me when I wasn't paying attention). If I see a copy, I'll link. I also bought a skirt, which needed alterations to the waistband. They're doing that and shipping it to me for the same price as if I'd walked out with it that day. After it comes in, I'll find an excuse to wear the whole outfit and get a proper picture taken.

I am not allowed to buy any more period clothing for the foreseeable future, except for a blouse to go with the leather corset if I find one.

Now, I understand that today was International Women's Day. I support this. I've always wanted to be an international woman, but I don't have the budget for that kind of travel. And yes, I know what it really means, but still.

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