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I'm glad I didn't let Keith talk me into going to Mythic Faire this weekend. It was so good to just stay home. I hadn't spent a weekend at home since... well, since long enough that I'm not sure when it was. Mostly, I caught up on sleep and I cleaned. The annual parental visitation, usually right after Christmas, had to be postponed this year because of snow. I had thought it was being postponed until next year, but apparently they'll be coming to see me next weekend. So cleaning became urgent. It was already necessary. When I'm not home much, I tend to dump things in the middle of my bedroom floor to deal with later. There wasn't much floor left.

This was two weeks ago, when I thought I was going to start cleaning and flaked. Again. It was actually worse when I started today.

Now it looks like this. Still not perfect, but what's left mostly has a reason for being out, and can get shoved into the closet quickly on Sunday morning.

Yesterday I went to palingyuan's board game party. I managed to avoid having to actually play anything. I don't like playing most games. I generally prefer to just watch.

I pause here for those with dirty minds to get themselves under control.

Besides, more games than you'd think require a neutral party to act as judge. And I've always found that just about everything is improved by commentary from the balcony.

Later in the evening, oidhche convinced some of us to go out to the garage for pseudo-karaoke. It was a bit like old times, having a party devolve into a RENT singalong. It was really painful to test just how terrible my singing voice has become. Either I need more of these garage parties, or I need to give it up altogether.

I may also have inadvertently acquired a new creative writing project for my copious free time. We'll see what happens.

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