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October certainly seems to be wedding season. I'm going to one this coming weekend, and another one two weeks later. I spent most of yesterday making favors and learning how to set up and take down decorations for the one in three weeks. Sounds kind of horrible, but it was actually a pretty nice day.

K asked me to be there (G's parents' house) about 1:30. Since they all live in Princeton (technically; they're a bit north of Princeton proper - spitting distance from the Princeton Junction train station), I planned to leave around 12, and finally made it out the door about 12:15. It was an easy trip, and the directions were very clear. It's apparently been quite a while since the last time I took Route 1, because I don't think I've been there since they finished the construction of the ramps for 130. I arrived about 1:40, right behind K's mother.

With the huge influx of women, G and Mr. G departed to K and G's new house to paint and repair. This left me, K, Mrs. K, Mrs. G, and three women from K's church, Kerry, Terry, and Kristen. All three of them were dressed the same, all about the same age (mid-30s), and Kerry and Terry had the same hair color. I gave up on trying to remember which was which and just sat in a corner and worked quietly except when I was asked questions.

One of K's bridesmaids was also supposed to be there but didn't make it. Apparently this has been pretty much a running theme, because K spent a long time (later) venting about it. The maid of honor, B, lives in CT and is putting herself through grad school with a retail job, and she manages to make it down once a month. C, the other bridesmaid, has made it to exactly one event. She didn't help with the shower. She didn't look for a dress. And she keeps promising to do things and then not showing, as happened yesterday. I can't say I'm terribly surprised by this, really. C was my roommate freshman year, so I got to know her pretty well. And, while I haven't seen her very often since graduation, from what K and G have said, she hasn't changed much. My initial reaction when K first mentioned that C was going to be her local bridesmaid was "Let me know when you need help." When, not if.

Anyway, the moms got set up snipping candle wicks, I did the part of the favors which did not require manual dexterity, and the rest of them did the craft part. (I'm not going into detail here, because K is trying to keep as much of it a secret as possible. Not that I think anybody who reads my LJ is going to care about the surprise value, but it's the principle of the thing.

After about three hours, K's mom and the church women all needed to leave. K took me and Kristen over to K and G's new house for a quick tour - it's only about five minutes from G's parents. I think it's a nice place. It needs a lot of work, of course, but most people my age buying a house are going to have to either get something that needs work, or get a condo. And it has a decent-size yard! I didn't think NJ yards could get big enough to really play in. They're kind of disappointed with it right now, because they've been working on it for 2.5 months and it still isn't ready, but I think once they finish and move in they'll be really happy there. I would kill for that much space!

Then K and I went back to G's parents' house. She didn't want to ask me to stay, because it's hard to know what people are willing to do, but I could tell she still needed help. So, I volunteered. And we managed to get through a lot of the little stuff that goes faster with an extra pair of hands. I got to see pictures of the last fitting of her dress, and of makeup practice, and a lot of that stuff. She showed me how the table decorations for the reception, and for the rehearsal dinner, are going to work - both of which will be partially my problem to deal with. And I stayed for dinner with the family. I liked G's parents, much as I've liked him since I met him. I'm so delighted to see K happy with someone who is so good for her, who I really like. I wish I could say the same for more of my friends.

Mischief decided he wanted to be friends. G has two cats, Teckla and Perelli, both of whom are fraidy-cats - I did see both of them, but they ran away mostly. Mischief is his parents' cat. Mischief is the second-largest cat I've ever met, second only to Guinness. He's a black-and-white, and I can't keep track of which cats I've met have how much white where, so I can't say which one he looks like. His white patches manifested while I was there only at the end of dinner, when he came into the kitchen and licked all the plates just like a dog. But anyway, the size of him finally makes me believe that Amy's Murphy, big as he is, is still not full-grown. Mischief looks at people for permission before jumping up next to them or walking across them because knows he's so big. It's kind of cute. And when he curled up with his head on my leg, he made a good arm rest. He was both the largest cat I've ever had put himself in my lap, and one of very few (and the only male) to do it the first time I met him.

An hour and a quarter is not a long drive when you leave around noon. Driving home around 10:30, it was a lot longer... I should have left sooner. But I had a good time, and I think K (and G) really appreciated my help.
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