Stephanie (collacentaur) wrote,

Weekend Update

It was quite a weekend. I finally managed to escape from work about 5:45, and got on the road around 6:15 - where I promptly sat and went nowhere, because 287 North on Friday night at rush hour moves at the speed of dead slugs. Once I cleared past Route 80, the road was clear all the way up, and I made pretty good time. And I encountered something I hadn't thought existed: a McDonald's employee with personality and conversational skills.

Overnight at my parents' house, I wondered the same thing I wonder almost every time I go there. How on earth did any of us manage to share our twin beds in college? It's barely enough room for one! Of course, the college beds are extra-long, and generally more stable than the wobbly ones my parents have. Even so...

It was good to be able to spend some time with my parents. The last time I was up there I had a lot of people with me, and several times before that I was really only using them as a B&B. This time we really got to sit around and talk. My dad looks great - he's lost 15 pounds in the last month, and he says he's in the best shape he's been in during my lifetime. I believe it. My mom helped me pick out the jewelry I was going to wear, and loaned me one of her necklaces since none of mine were quite what we wanted.

Then it was off to livianne's wedding! I had no trouble finding the hall, and I got a pretty good parking spot. justbishop and K were already there when I arrived. oidhche arrived a little later, and A, C, turtle_morn, and N got there just in time to find seats before it started.

The ceremony was an interesting blend of super-traditional (the music, which was the generic wedding music you hear in the movies), Jewish (the chuppah and ketubah), and weird (the Swedish fish). I think we all held our breath when the stand under the ketubah fell, and it went crashing to the ground. But nothing broke, and since livianne was laughing, we didn't feel bad about laughing too. The officiant was their karate instructor, who had gotten a special permit just for that day to perform the ceremony. It was a really nice touch.

During the cocktail hour, A, turtle_morn, and I ducked into the ladies' room for a quick nail polish session, much to the amusement of the other women passing through. When we emerged, carefully not touching ANYTHING, everyone else had already gone upstairs to the reception. Much to my surprise, instead of being stuck in a back corner somewhere, our table was right on the dance floor up front. We were all a little loopy already, as evidenced by our beginning to throw blueberries almost immediately (but only at N).

The food was pretty good, although it was agreed that they were probably short at least one server. The DJ... left a fair amount to be desired, in my opinion. A lot of the music earlier on seemed like kind of weird choices. And they had a bank of lights that was just annoying and didn't add anything. Later in the evening the music got better. Even Craig got up and danced for a while, which I thought was pretty nifty.

oidhche, K, and I left together at about five till eleven, just before the last dance. oidhche and I gave K a crash course in Eastern MA roads and sent her on her way. Then we stood on the street corner and talked. Neither of us felt like going home just yet, I guess. It was really good to get him talking, though. It's hard to find a time and place for that. Eventually, at about quarter to one, I realized my feet were frozen, and both of us still had a 45 minute drive before bed.

Sunday I slept in and then spent some more time with my folks, and I rummaged through my stuff there. I was looking for my resume paper and envelopes, which I couldn't find but my mom managed to locate. I also found a set of dishes I'd gotten from my grandmother and mostly didn't use, which I'm going to give to my brother for a birthday/housewarming present. And then I drove home.
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