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Deja vu

So, a few weeks ago at Steampunk World's Fair, I was told, "You're about to see something alarming. Don't be alarmed." This was followed by the paramedics wheeling out Jesus on a gurney -- an excellent prank for the day of the purported Rapture.

This morning in church, we were told, "You're about to hear an alarm. Don't be alarmed." I couldn't resist speculating about what kind of prank might follow that. Especially as today was Pentecost. However, as it was a Unitarian church, the joke potential remained unrealized.

I'm very proud of Jemmie, my newest godson. He was not the child who puked all over the altar. Nor was he the one who looked at the water and told the priest "No thank you" and hid her face. He was sweet and well-behaved through both the service and the party, despite missing his nap. His big brother behaved pretty well too, for a four-year-old.

And I got lots of baby snuggle time. Happy Steph.

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