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I spent most of today on the post-closing work from the two closings last week. It is just now finally getting to the point where I feel I know what I'm doing with these. I got a real kick out of working out the HUD on my own on Thursday. I enjoy collecting numbers from different pieces of paper and inserting them into forms and coming up with answers. It's the same enjoyment I get out of doing inheritance tax returns. Part of it, I think, is that I can point to it and say, "This is what a paralegal does." It's not like a will or a contract, where if it's written well it can still be understandable to the average person. To the untrained eye, these forms are just mind-boggling numbers. If I pick one up, I can get in a glance a picture of the entire financial state of the real estate transaction, or of the deceased, as the case may be. And if I've prepared it myself, I know where every single line came from and what it means, and can put my hands on the paper where I got the figure. I was starting to feel that way about the matrimonial CIS, too, back when we still did divorce work. Translating people's lives to numbers, and back again.

I did better with the cleaning tonight. Still about half the to-do list to go. Super Steph will have to come out tomorrow night. I really hate cleaning showers, and ours is somewhat icky. Those are related. It's just a pain in the ass. And back, and knees, and arms...

I must remember to find something lightweight, long-sleeved and opaque before any outdoor activities. Such as potential weekend plans. I'm going to end up unsealing that box of clothes-too-big that I thought was my second box packed for storage.

There's lots of good fruit in season. I bought grapes, nectarines and strawberries today, and I already had pears and cherries at home. I sincerely hope this reboots my eating habits.

I'm borrowing an ebook from John. Since he's gone with Nook and I have a Kindle, we can't actually use the loaning protocol. This means that in addition to the 3 or 4 physical books I'm partway through that are sitting on my nightstand, there are also two e-readers there. What's missing from the pile? Focus.
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