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-- Last weekend, I spent a day at the Celtic Fling at the PA Ren Faire with hughcasey and elionwyr. It was wonderful to close my eyes and relax and let the music wash over and around and through me. Also, I got to see some of the caber tossing, which I've wanted to see for quite some time.

-- Tuesday morning my ironing board attacked me and cut the top of my thumb. Ow, dammit. Somebody should come kiss it and make it better. I've never had that happen before, and now I'm going to be wary every time I move the darned thing. Also, I realized that my box of bandaids is the same box that moved out of North Street with me five years ago. They still stick just fine, but the paper covers practically fall off as soon as they're touched. I'm thinking this is a sign that what's left should not get packed, just replaced at the next location.

-- One of the things that annoys me in grocery stores is when they rearrange the shelves and stick other products in the places of things that sell out to make them look more full. I know there's marketing theory behind it. But what it means to me is that I have to undo that work to see whether that's what happened, or whether some customer put things back in the wrong place, and the product I want might still be there behind one or two of the wrong item. I would really prefer to be able to look, see I'm out of luck, and move on.

-- I finally kicked myself hard this morning and scheduled the two things I've been avoiding, service for my car (Friday) and a haircut (morning of the 16th). It's odd that I was having such difficulty getting these done. It's not like they're things I haven't been doing for years. I think my anxiety has been channeled into those things, since I'm being darned careful it doesn't stop me from making the big changes I've got coming up. I suppose it could be worse.
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