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Independence Day

I was going to write all about July 4ths in my past. But it turns out I did the abbreviated version of it back in 2005. Thank goodness for tagging, so I can catch some of my repetitiveness. Instead, just tonight:

On Route 78 eastbound, about five miles west of the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, there's a ridge that looks down over a valley. It's great scenery, even if it is built up suburbs. The same view in the south or west would be gorgeous.

I crested that ridge at about 9:30 tonight. At least half a dozen separate fireworks displays were visible around that valley, maybe more. If I'd been in the right lane, I might have pulled over just to watch for a while. Instead, I kept going, past a few towns whose fireworks go off right over the highway.

This is what America is really about. Colorful explosives. :-) But seriously, it's not just about the big cities. It's the things that happen in the small towns as well. Fireworks and parades, a belief that there are some basic truths and freedoms. We argue about the details, and just about everything else, but even that right to argue and to choose is not something all humans can count on. The US may be screwed up, but it's still better than many of the alternatives.

Happy Independence Day, all.
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